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Dear Investor / Going-to-be-Investor,

Here is our last newsletter of Sept 2019!

The 10-year Govt bond yield stands tall at 6.73% pa (India’s benchmark interest rate), when almost the entire of Europe is sinking into negative interest rates ! That makes Indian bond market as one of the most attractive investment destination on this planet!

Foreign investors have pumped over INR 28000 crores nto Indian bond markets in the last 4 months. It is smart money, dude! Are you missing an opportunity, which smart money is finding its way into?! Please do not! You could also invest!

Here is one of our unique offerings: 11%+ per annum yielding safe & secure bonds of State Govts, Karnataka Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Indusind Bank, Indian Overseas Bank & several others

No more Fixed Deposits languishing at interest rates of 7% to 8.5% pa!.

–> Earn 3%-4% more without any additional risk!
–> Receive the full interest without TDS!

Isn’t is very attractive?! It is a very safe investment too!

One may have FDs earning interest at a meagre 6.75% to 8.5% per annum. Post income tax, the earning would be as low as 4.9% to 6% per annum! It barely meets inflation rate in India. It means that we need to do more to protect our hard earned corpus. Lest, it will diminish over time.

Recommend that you could move funds languishing in FDs @ 7%-8% into highly safe & secure bonds fetching over 10% per annum. Please note that the bonds are with the same institutions with you would have placed FDs with. Therefore, there is no additional risk with the institution. 

Summary of Bonds & Yield on investment as on March 19, 2019
(Name of Issuers with coupon rate, Maturity year, Yield to Maturity/YTM)

–> 12% KARNATAKA BANK BONDS, 2029 maturity, YTM @ more than 10.6% (minimum investment Rs. 1 lakh)

–> 11.95% KARUR VYSYA BANK BONDS, 2029 maturity, YTM @ more than 10.6% (minimum investment Rs. 1 lakh)

–> 11.70 INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK, 2028 maturity, YTM @ over 10.16% (minimum investment Rs. 10 lakhs)

–> several others bonds & debentures, including ones of Uttar Pradesh power corporation, Punjab national bank, Indusind Bank & many more carrying YTM of over 10% per annum

There are bonds with quarterly interest payments and there are ones with annual interest pay outs. There are tax-free bonds too.

You can compound your hard-earned money at over 11% per annum with the lowest of risk. Isn’t attractive ?!

Even if you need to invest only for a short period of less than 1 year, there are bonds available with shorter maturity.

It must be noted that there is NO lock-in. If one needs to liquidate for an emergency, the bonds can be sold in the capital market & money can be realized in 3 days.

An Example

FD – Rs. 1 crore for 5 years tenure
FD interest rate – 7% per annum
Yield of bonds that we offer – 11.2% per annum
Additional earning from bonds – 4.2% per annum
Additional earning in INR – Rs. 4.2 lakhs every year
If additional earning is also invested in bonds fetching the same 11.2% pa, you will be richer by Rs. 29.77 lakhs in 5 years. Is that not a substantial quantum!

There is huge demand for these bonds. We have already assisted shifting from FDs into Bonds for scores of investors from several cities of India and for many NRIs. You may also make use of this fantastic opportunity.

If you are interested, you may please call Angeeras Securities

Let your money work as hard as you work! Happy investing!

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