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Earn upto 2.5 times higher interest income than Bank Fixed deposit with Monexo – with NO market linked volatility.

RBI approved fixed income investment opportunity.

What is Monexo ?

Monexo is a RBI licensed, award winning, Peer to Peer lending NBFC connecting investors looking for steady, monthly returns with salaried borrowers looking for personal loans. Peer to Peer lending is a fast growing, global alternative asset class and Monexo has pioneered this asset class for Indian investors. Through Monexo, investors can diversify their portfolio outside of equities and low yielding fixed income products. Investors get the opportunity to invest in screened, qualified loans of creditworthy borrowers and earn high, monthly returns – with ZERO market volatility. Investors can choose the borrowers they wish to lend to & every investor’s portfolio is also fractionalised and diversified across 100s of individual loans of borrowers enabling spreading and effective mitigation of risk.
Investors on Monexo can earn upto 2.5 times higher interest income compared to a traditional Bank deposit.

Why ANGEERAS SECURITIES recommends investing with Monexo?

Basket of Financial Services that we offer :

Why ANGEERAS SECURITIES recommends investing with Monexo ?

Investor account opening Completely FREE. Both online application and physical form based onboarding options available. Online onboarding process takes upto 15 minutes. Investors are advised to get in touch with Mr. Vivek Karwa of VRIDDHI to complete onboarding / Account opening process
Maximum investment amount INR 10,00,000 (10 LACS) per PAN card Secondary market for early exit available to investors who invest upwards of INR 5,00,000 (INR 5 LACS)
Who are the borrowers you will be investing in Salaried, creditworthy, risk assessed individuals with strong repayment capacity Borrowers avail loans for a maximum period of 36 months Nearly 80% of Monexo’s borrowers are white collar, salaried class individuals based in Chennai itself.
Investment process Investors have 2 options. A. Manual option – Investors will be able to manually login and choose borrowers B. Auto invest option – In this option, investors will set their borrower requirements and Monexo system will auto disburse their funds to appropriate borrowers. Auto invest is highly recommended for a hassle free investing experience.
Borrower due diligence performed by Monexo Monexo has a qualified team of credit analysts & screens borrower across 130+ credit parameters including monthly incomes, repayment trackrecord, existing debt levels, employment trackrecord and ability to service regular repayments over 36 months Each borrower is graded from M1 to M8 - which denotes the borrower credit quality. M1 being the highest rated borrower All borrowers are also met physically met at home + office prior to loan sanction by Monexo Post dated cheques and NACH forms are collected for auto debit of repayment from borrower’s bank account every month
Interest rates Moderate portfolio : 15% - 21% p.a Aggressive portfolio : 22% - 26% p.a
Investment tenor / period Minimum : 6 months Maximum : 36 months
Borrower repayment frequency Monthly repayment to investor in the form of principal + interest
Investor fees ALL INCLUSIVE 2.5% + GST of the monthly repayment value collected from borrowers. Monexo earns only when the investor earns – success based fee model Monexo does not charge anything additional for recovery / collections support to investors No additional / hidden charges
Reinvestment options Option 1 : Reinvest both principal + interest (Recommended) Option 2 : Reinvest principal, withdraw interest (Recommended)
Risks Default risk – effectively mitigated by Monexo Monexo offers a solid risk mitigation infrastructure for investors to enable them to enjoy consistently high yields on their Monexo portfolio.
Risk mitigation Screening : Every borrower is professionally risk assessed and verified reducing probability of default. Diversification : An investor is given ability to fractionlise his / her portfolio across a large number of borrowers. Risk spreading significant protection against any downside risk of nonpayment from a small % of borrowers. Recovery : Delayed borrower repayment (if any) is handled by Monexo through in-house collections infrastructure - providing full comfort to investor
Early exit option Secondary market available for exit through loan transfer to new investors. Eligibility for Secondary market exit : Available only to investors who invest atleast INR 5,00,000 (Rs 5 LACS)
Transparency / Portfolio performance details Every investor is provided independent login ID and password. Repayment performance of each loan can be tracked by investor 24x7 Monthly portfolio statement with yield and interest earnings details is shared to each investor.

To open an investment account / for any additional information any aspects of the Monexo investment offering, investors are required to reach out to Angeeras Securities on +91 8438387455 or

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