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Stock market explained - class in tamil by sethuraman

Market Roundup

Stock Market correction is due at any time By Sethuraman - Wealth Advisor .
Market Rally comes or abrupt ? By Sethuraman - Wealth Advisor .
stock market is it move further next week .

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We follow the above Principles in serving the INVESTORS to realize their Investment Objective

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The power of a tiny microbe to send us all scouring into our homes is immense. This tiny microbe has paused all our lives and sent the economic and financial world into a frenzy and has precipitated colossal financial damages for everyone across the globe.Quoting  the IMF this is truly the Great Lockdown.

Now with all the economic slump that is happening we must focus more than before on calibrating our investment portfolios so that they are appraised with the risk. People working in the MSME’s unorganised sectors will face a huger brunt from the economic downturn so they must take extreme caution in shielding their savings and investment goals.

On an average it is found that the majority of the workforce work for more than 10 hours a day but when it comes to drafting their investment plan they don’t seem to give much forethought to it.

From my outlook I would like to suggest a few things that will aid you to create a portfolio that  cannot be weathered away by any speculation in the market.

  1. Keep 3 months of your salary in liquid form, mainly in Bank FD’s or liquid funds, in Government securities. From your salary make a pre condition of vesting a minimum of 30% and maximum of 40% to go towards fulfilling your short term and long term goals.There is a General mistakethat  people by vesting in Insurance companies . This mindset should be discouraged.
  2. There are number of other options where you can invest your money like:
  3. Term Insurance is advisable in Insurance.
  4. NPS( New Pension Scheme) People can invest from 500/-
  5. Post office Monthly saving scheme like RD.
  6. ETF(Exchange traded fund)- Invest in Gold- minimum 100/-
  7. Mutual Fund_ SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) for minimum 15 years to get a good lumpsum amount.

Another important thing to keep in mind as an investor is to do an annual review of the amount of your investments and your portfolio. More so an increase in your income should call upon  an increase in the amount of your investment. Also it is extremely pivotal to gauge your risk appetite and calibrate your portfolio taking into consideration the amount of risk you can actually bear.

Something that is very important in the life of the active investor is to stay invested always . So be a prudent investor who is always dynamic in his investment portfolio making sure you are investing in legitimate  Government authorised sources of investment.

Wishing you all a healthy and wealthy life.




Areas Of Expertise

Devising & effectuating competitive selling Programs/strategies to improve the product awareness and enhace business growth .
Developing negotiating & finalising new business; apart from servicing of regular business. Exploring new business opportunities in various
segments along with concerned branches.

Observing the Trading Memebers positions. Establishing consensus across cross functional lines & divergent levles of risk tolerance with the instinct
to quickly affect change or improvement Performing hedging financial modelling financial analysis to advice high worth and low income clients.

Managing equity buy ,stock direct,taking care of funds and share movement into the client’s accounts. Interacting with and handling the
queries of business associates, business associates, business associates- clients and direct clients. Net working the business through right
channels. Also handled mutual funds for HNI and Saalaried individuals.

Created an awareness about depositories in the Southern India .Creating financial literacy awareness in schools and colleges in partnership with
NSE in the year 2010-2011

Leading , mentoring and monitoring the perfomance of the team to ensure effciency in process operations and meeting of individual and group
tarfets.Training the team to keep a close check on outstanding figures and ensuring adherence to the norms.

Handled IPOs and rights Issues for a few companies like Shriram Investments, ICICI , Shriram Transport company and NFCL. More than 100cr collected
in IPO’s including ICICI and Shriram Investements Ltd. Efficiently Coordinated and has ensured seamless transactions with the Stock Exchange and
Transfer Agents, Bankers to the issue.

Personnal Dossier


I come from humble beginnings. I started my life in a small village near Tanjore in the southern part of Tamilnadu and with consistent toil and efforts I’ve made it here to where I’m today.
After my graduation and P G Diploma I entered into the Capital Markets in the year 1987 as an Independent Advisor of the Financial markets and various other financial services. My career in this industry is almost 3 decades old and during this span I have seen so many ups and downs of the Stock Market starting from Harshad Mehta Scam, Ketan Parekh scam, UTI financial crisis etc., These 3 decades has enriched me with a lot of experience and given me a lot of perspective about the bourse. One of my personal outlook of the Markets is that it has a stark similarity to the Behaviour of humans. So I started observing the market in a Psychological manner applying a mathematical formulae which helps me to forecast the gyrations in the market in advance. Identifying the market pulse with my expertise is the key parameter for availing my services.

So I basically offer my services to all categories of traders and investors. I started taking classes from the year 2000 about stock market investment methods and tips to people from all walks of life using 3M formula ( Money, mind and method).

My interactive programs about stock market, insurance etc., are frequently broadcasted live in a few Tamil TV channels. I also write about stock market investments.In magazines like Kumudam,Naanayam Vikatan etc.

Happy investing !

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